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Swedish Surgical Society SSS

The Swedish Society of Surgeons is open to surgeons and surgeons in training in Sweden. The purpose of the Society is to act in the interest of its members.

swedish surgical society

Chairman of the Board: Catharina Ihre Lundgren

Scientific Secretary: Mikael Bergenheim

International Secretary: Martin Almquist

Education Secretary: Gabriella Jansson Palmer

Treasurer: David Edholm

Editor, Swedish Surgery: Anna Leifter

Board Member: Linus Axelsson

Board Member: Mattias Prytz

Board Member: Arthur Jänes

Board Member: Patrik Larsson

About Swedish Surgical Society

The aim of the Swedish Surgical Society is to promote the interests of its members, surgeons and surgeons-in-training in Sweden.

The main objective is to make continuous professional development possible at all levels of surgical training. The Society also aims to spread new knowledge related to matters important for practicing surgeons, to aid surgical science and research, and be a partner with other surgical societies regionally and internationally. The Society also is an important partner for Swedish health officials and politicians, giving advice on matters relating to surgical care.

Annual Congress

Every year in the third week of August, the Society organises the Surgical Week, a conference aiming to distribute knowledge, connect surgeons with each other, and to train and develop surgeons’ competence. All surgical departments in Sweden can apply to host this conference; hence, the location of the conference varies. The conference is highly appreciated and important for the Society’s members.


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