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The Student Audit and Research in Surgery

STARSurg collaborative is the first national, student-led audit and research network with representation from all clinical medical schools in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

The Student Audit and Research in Surgery

Sivesh Kamarajah – Senior Co-Lead

Omar Kouli – Senior Co-Lead

Aya Riad – Student Lead

Michal Kawka – Network Lead

Rohan Gujjuri – Education Lead

Daoud Chaudhry – Data Co-Lead

Samuel Brown – Data Co-Lead

Setthasorn Ooi

Ieva Jakaityte

Isobel Trout

Shiraz Shafi

Jingjing Wang

Moritz Steinruecke

Yousif Aldabbagh

Louise Ko

About the Student Audit and Research in Surgery collaborative

We aim to foster academic and research training, promote evidence-based practice, and build a culture of collaboration needed to improve patient care. We empower students to get involved in high quality academic projects, forming links with supervising junior doctors and consultants. Through this, students contribute data to national studies while gaining an understanding of clinical academia, audit and research methodology, and ethical considerations.

STARSurg continues to grow internationally and has since delivered several multi-centre and student-led national studies, which to date have included thousands of collaborators and tens of thousands of patients across the UK and Ireland.

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