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The European Hernia Society

Improving outcomes for people with a hernia.

European Hernia Society

Filip Muysoms – President

Maarten Simons – President Elect

Andrew de Beaux – Secretary General

Yohann Renard – Treasurer

Cesare Stabilini – Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Board

Knut Borch – Secretary of the Advisory Board for Education

Maciej Pavvlak – Secretary of the Advisory Board for the Web

René Fortelny – Secretary of the Advisory Board for Congresses

Barbora East – Secretary of the Advisory Board of Quality

Hakan Gök – Secretary of the Advisory Board for Social Media

Ralph Lorenz – Secretary of the National Chapters

Ferdinand Köckerling – Secretary for UEMS

Manuel López Cano – Secretary for Publications

About European Hernia Society

The European Hernia Society (EHS) is a nonprofit international scientific association founded on 15 June 1979 at Bobigny (France).

The purposes of the Association are among others: the study of anatomic, physiologic, pathological, and  therapeutic problems related to the abdominal wall, the publication of scientific articles, the possible creation of organizations or sections outside Europe contributing with relevant documentation, participating in research studies or providing instructions within the context. Also, the development of interdisciplinary relations and creating activities for improvement of the study of the abdominal wall, of the professionals who dedicate themselves to its study, and of the Association itself. EHS promotes the professional enhancement of all its members, supports their professional interests, represents its members before public or private entities, advises them on the social, professional, deontological aspects, etc. It also promotes education, training, research in abdominal wall surgery, and joint activities and partnerships between national and international scientific societies.

Annual congress

EHS organizes annual congresses in different European countries. Future congresses are as follows: Manchester 2022, Barcelona 2023, Prague 2024.

General Assembly is held during the annual congress.

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