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New Partnership: BJS Academy with IRCAD and WebSurg

We are delighted to announce that BJS Academy is now in partnership with IRCAD-WebSurg, the online university of IRCAD. This partnership aims to further promote and disseminate video resources for the healthcare community.

To commence this partnership we will host and promote a link to the WebSurg focus of the month with its related videos, and store them within the WebSurg dedicated section which is coming soon.

IRCAD-WebSurg will host tutorial videos from our recent courses, visit the IRCAD-WebSurg website for more information.

We trust that this joint partnership will be highly beneficial for the scientific community, facilitating access to knowledge and know-how in surgical healthcare.

Click below to access the February Focus of the month on Pediatric surgery on WebSurg:

Click below to access the January Focus of the month on Colorectal surgery on WebSurg:

Click below to access the December Focus of the month on general and digestive surgery on WebSurg:

Click below to access the November Focus of the month on Upper GI surgery on WebSurg:


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