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BJS Foundation – Recruitment for a Social Media Lead.

BJS Foundation are currently recruiting for a Social Media lead to join the existing teams across the journals and BJS Academy.

BJS Foundation consists of two scientific surgical journals, BJS and BJS Open, and BJS Academy, a charitably funded educational website designed to add value to the journals. Both journals and the Academy have a well-established social media presence on Twitter, and a footprint on other social media outlets. In addition, each has individual leads who champion social media activities within their sphere.

BJS Foundation aims to establish a new social media post to join the existing teams, and to co-ordinate social media activity across both BJS journals and the Academy. The aim is to provide leadership across all BJS Foundation activities.

The appointee should have surgical training and extensive experience in social media with a substantial online profile. They should have a wide range of contacts within surgery and a pedigree in scientific writing in journals and across various social media. They should be willing to attend online and in-person meetings when required and feasible.

To read the job description in full click here.

Please submit your applications here no later than Friday 31 March 2023.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact


Part of the charitable activity of the Foundation, BJS Academy is an online educational resource for current and future surgeons.

The Academy is comprised of five distinct sections: Continuing surgical education, Young BJS, Cutting edge, Scientific surgery and Surgical news. Although the majority of this is open access, additional content is available to BJS subscribers and strategic partners.

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