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BJS Foundation policy on diversity

BJS Foundation (BJSF) is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. An internal audit indicated that the current composition of BJSF council, executive and journal editorial boards, did not reflect diversity appropriately.

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have implemented a range of policies and practices, including:

  • Regular annual audits with report to council relating to trustees, editors, editorial and associate editorial boards, BJS Academy and young BJS, that consider ethnicity, gender, age, geography and experience
  • Recruitment strategies to attract diverse candidates for BJSF reflecting authors and the readership of the Journals and Academy
  • Succession planning to enhance diversity for trustees, editorial and Academy boards and editors
  • Support for surgeons and surgical societies in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  • Engagement globally with young academic surgeons and trainees through BJS and BJS open associate editorial boards and young BJS and Academy, respectively

We recognize that each individual brings unique perspectives and experiences that enrich the Foundation and make it stronger.

We are committed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all individuals feel valued and respected. We will continue to evaluate and amend our policies and practices to ensure that the Foundation is living up to its commitments.

1 January 2024