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Shaping the future of surgery

A celebration of excellence in surgical science, the BJS Award recognises a discovery, innovation or scientific study that has changed clinical practice.

This international accolade will give an exceptional individual the recognition they richly deserve for the profound impact they have had on patient care.

Nominations will open

000 DAYS

BJS Award

The nominations for the 2023 Award have now closed. The next Award will be in 2025. The nomination window will open on 1 April 2024.

The Award will be given to one person and cannot be shared. The BJS Foundation and the BJS Award Committee will endeavour to give this Award every two years but retain the right not to in any given period.

The Award

The winner will be awarded:

  • €100,000
  • A medal
  • A framed diploma
  • An invitation to the Award ceremony and dinner with a guest
  • A BJS Academy webinar

The Award forms part of the BJS Foundation’s international outreach programme. They have therefore pledged to donate to surgical educational development and the BJS Foundation Charity Committee.

Find out about the Charity Committee
The Award

Guidelines for nominator

  • Nominations can be made by any individual as an expert within the surgical community
  • Nominations should not be made by an organisation
  • Self – nominations are not permitted
  • The nominee must be:
    • A living person (no posthumous nominations)
    • Hold a certificate or specialist diploma in Surgery
    • Have led on a specific scientific field of surgery (humanitarian and life-time achievements will not be considered)
    • Have the work supported by publications or patents
    • The nominee must not have a conflict of interest with the BJS Foundation:
      • A member of the BJS Award committee
      • A member of the BJS Foundation council
      • A member of the BJS or BJS Open editorial teams
  • The nomination must be confidential, it must not be communicated with the nominee, any breach of confidentiality will result in being removed from the process
  • The next nomination period will open on 1 April 2024 and close on 31 May 2024
  • Nominations must be made on the online nomination form and this will be accessed via this webpage
  • Nominations will not be accepted in any other format
  • To make a nomination you will be required to submit a 300-word proposal on the nominee and up to a maximum of five reference publications (title, authors, journal published/issue/page reference, DOI). It is recommended you prepare the information offline before submitting the final online form. You may find it useful to download this template to prepare the information.
  • As the nominator, you must commit to be available and open, if necessary, for additional questions by the Award Committee (up until 31 March 2025)
  • The nominator also agrees to share personal details under GDPR regulations for the purposes of this Award process
  • The BJS Award Committee will have the final say including the decision not to make the Award in any given cycle
  • There will be no feed-back to the nominator on the decision made by BJS Award Committee

Terms and Conditions for Award Winner

The Award winner will be expected to:

  • Conduct an interview with the BJS Foundation
  • Work with the BJS Foundation on an appropriate laudatio
  • Submit a professional headshot to the BJS Foundation
  • Attend the Award dinner with a guest
  • Deliver a webinar with the BJS Foundation/Academy
  • Consent to include all content collected during this process to be used for promotional or educational purposes on the BJS Academy website and social media channels

Submit a nomination

Nominate an individual for their outstanding contribution to surgery.