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Comprised of the Executive Committee, BJS Academy Committee and Charity Committee, the BJS Society Sub-Committees play an integral role in supporting the Council of Management.

BJS Academy Sub Commitees

BJS Academy Committee

Established to oversee the development and management of the educational arm of the Society, the BJS Academy Committee is chaired by the organisations Vice Chair.


Derek Alderson


Jonothan Earnshaw, Director, BJS Academy

Des Winter, Editor-in-Chief, BJS

Ville Sallinen, Editor-in-Chief, BJS Open

Marc Besselink, Committee member

Gordon Carlson, Committee member

Karoline Horisberger, Committee member (from June 2022)

Agneta Montgomery, Committee member (from June 2022)

Charity Committee

Set up to manage any charitable giving that sits outside the partner model, the Charity Committee is chaired by the Society’s Treasurer.


Stephen Wigmore


Stefan Breitenstein

Catharina Ihre-Lundgren

Paul Lai