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Council of Management

The Council of Management has ultimate responsibility for running the BJS Foundation, ensuring all activities align with its vision, mission and values.

The Council can have up to 30 members and is made up of a highly qualified team of Directors and Trustees, who work strategically to support the continued growth and success of the Foundation. Day-to-day responsibilities are delegated to the Executive Committee, Charity Committee and BJS Academy Committee.

BJS Academy Council of Management

Council members

M. Adham

Lyon, France

R. Anula

Madrid, Spain

R. Baigrie

Cape Town, South Africa

J. Balibrea

Barcelona, Spain (Spanish Society for Surgical Research)

V. Banz

Bern, Switzerland (Swiss Society of Surgery)

M. Barcynski

Krakow, Poland (European Society of Endocrine Surgeons)

M. Besselink

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

M. Boermeester

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

G. Carlson

Manchester, UK

A. De Beaux

Edinburgh, UK (European Hernia Society)

K. Horisberger

Mainz, Germany

C. Ihre-Lundgren

Stockholm, Sweden (Swedish Surgical Society)

P. Lai

Hong Kong, China

D. Lobo

Nottingham, UK (Surgical Research Society)

C. Macutkiewicz

Manchester, UK (Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland)

S. Mantziari

Lausanne, Switzerland

J. Matthews

Chicago, USA

A. Montgomery

Malmo, Sweden

D. Morton

Birmingham, UK

P. Naredi

Gothenburg, Sweden (Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica)

S. Post

Heidelberg, Germany

I. Rubio

Madrid, Spain (Surgical Infection Society Europe)

O. Scatton

Paris, France

D. Scott-Coombes

Cardiff, UK

About BJS Foundation

As a registered charity, BJS Foundation’s mission to improve surgical education is underpinned by its strategic partnerships and its leading surgical journals.

Since its inception in 1913, the readership of BJS has continued to grow across the globe, paving the way for complementary open access journal, BJS Open, in 2017.

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