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Charitable activities

The BJS Foundation charitable activities are overseen by the Charity Committee.

The Foundation provides a variety of benefits through its collaborations with strategic partners and partners. In 2021, the Charity Committee was established to manage important causes the Foundation would like to support that do not fit into this model, playing a key role in its overarching mission.

BJS Society charitable activities

Application guidelines

The Charity Committee will consider funding applications from trainee organisations, student organisations, organisations that are not partners or strategic partners and selected other activities.

Applications must come from registered charities or societies and the following conditions apply:

  • Awards must be spent within the timeframe and for the specific purpose requested.
  • Awards cannot support or be transferred to other activities.
  • Organisations who apply should consider a partnership with the BJS Foundation, however, there is no obligation other than an initial meeting.
  • Societies or organisations should only make one application at any time and should not submit more than one application per calendar year.
  • The Charity Committee will not provide feedback or scores on applications.
  • Any decisions made by the Charity Committee are final and should be accepted by applicants.

The following types of funding are available:

  • BJS lecture       €1000 – €2500
  • BJS Prize           €750
  • Other                 On request

Application process

To apply for support from the Foundation for a lecture and/or prize, please send an email addressed to the Treasurer via Executive Director, Camilla O’Brien at This should provide details of how the sponsorship will be used. If the request is for a lecture, please include details of the speaker and topic, as this must be approved by the Executive Committee.

All requests must be surgery related, meet the objectives of the Foundation and be received during the year prior to the event. Requests must be received by the Treasurer no later than 1 June or 1 November for the following year. Requests for 2025 should be received by 1 June 2024 or 1 November 2024, requests for 2026 should be received by 1 June 2025 or 1 November 2025, and so on. You will receive immediate confirmation that your email has been received. Following this, the request will be reviewed by the Charity Committee and you will be notified if it has been granted.


The Foundation owns and publishes two surgical journals, BJS and BJS Open.

One of the most respected journals in the world, BJS provides a combination of scientific articles, reviews and critical commentary. Designed to complement BJS, BJS Open offers a similar range of content and allows authors to publish quality open access research.

Read the Journals
BJS Open & BJS Journals

BJS Academy team

The talented team behind the Academy bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles.

The Academy website is managed by IT partners, Firefly Design Agency, a Content Management team coordinated by ACS Global and a Content Creation team managed by Jonothan Earnshaw.



Jonothan Earnshaw manages and coordinates the activities of BJS Academy.

Content Creation team

Content Creation team

Supporting the Director, this team creates the Academy’s educational resources.

Management team

Management team

This team supports the Director to deliver the strategy and manage the delivery of the Academy.