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The BJS Foundation is a charitable body with a mission to advance and improve education in surgery and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practicing surgery in all branches.

BJS Society Team

About BJS

The Foundation owns and promotes globally recognised surgical journals, BJS and BJS Open. Through its strategic partnerships and collaborations with other international surgical organisations, the Foundation has established a unique position in surgical publishing.

Much of the Foundation’s charitable activity and future strategy will be delivered within the following three areas, each with its own purpose:

  • BJS Journals – to share and disseminate quality scientific research with the publisher and remain the leading surgical journal in Europe.
  • BJS Academy – to offer an accessible hub to meet, learn, be mentored, discuss, listen to and understand the education and accreditation opportunities available through the Foundation. It will enhance journal content and add value to members and partners.
  • BJS Institute – to provide privileged access (discount) to postgraduate accredited educational opportunities to complement BJS Academy and journal content.

History and purpose

The Foundation is steeped in history and tradition dating back to 1913.

The educational arm of the charity, BJS Academy, was established in 2021 to provide a portfolio of learning materials to assist the modern surgeon and advance the science of surgery.

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Our people

The Foundation, Journals and Academy are managed by various teams of specialists, dedicated to delivering world-class surgical education.

BJS Academy team

The talented team behind the Academy bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles.

The Academy website is managed by IT partners, Firefly Design Agency, a Content Management team coordinated by ACS Global and a Content Creation team managed by Jonothan Earnshaw.



Jonothan Earnshaw manages and coordinates the activities of BJS Academy.

Content Creation team

Content Creation team

Supporting the Director, this team creates the Academy’s educational resources.

Management team

Management team

This team supports the Director to deliver the strategy and manage the delivery of the Academy.

Our partners

The Foundation encourages connections with like-minded organisations, sharing ideas and knowledge to work towards common goals.

These collaborations are facilitated by two tiers of partnership, each offering a range of valuable benefits.

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Charitable activities

The Foundation is a UK charity registered with the Charity Commission and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

In 2021, the Foundation established a Charity Committee to oversee its charitable giving and activities.

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Editorial apprenticeships

The Foundation’s highly sought-after editorial apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity to surgeons in the early stages of their career with an interest in medical publishing.

Apprentices are recruited on an annual basis for a one-year Editorial Assistant position in the journals’ Editorial teams.

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BJS Academy Editorial Apprenticeships

Editorial Board

BJS and BJS Open Editorial Boards include surgeons from around the world who are invited to join for five years at a time.

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