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The day I decided surgery was for me… did not go as expected.

Authors: Isaac Mendoza Morales; Academic Coordinator, Chapter of Future Surgeons Ascolcirugia; Monteria, Columbia; @isaacmenm, @futuroscirascol

I started medical school and I was not really convinced of my decision, during the first few months, I was like a fish trying to climb a ladder, but with time I adapted, found my rhythm and my place.

In my second year, my stepfather invited me to join him for my first time in an operating room, he is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology. Unfortunately, my first experience was a disaster, it was really disappointing for me, during the surgery I started to sweat a lot, I felt cold, dizzy and was clearly a source of laughter for those present, including my stepfather. I was sent to sit down and the operation was over for me.

Despite the first experience, I really felt that the operating room could be a special place and wanted to be there again. The next opportunity was the following day, a midnight tibia and fibula fracture, this time I was able to assist my stepfather. That was enough for me, someday I wanted to be the one to ask for the scalpel. From that moment on I began to study the basic principles of surgery and combined it with research and my first participations in academic events. This allowed me to discover people with similar interests, create a network of mentors who gave me opportunities in the operating room.

My greatest opportunity came with the Chapter of Future Surgeons. Perhaps one of the largest associations of students and physicians with interest in surgery in the world, our goal is to promote academic and surgical knowledge, development of soft skills and strengthening the network of contacts of the future academic of our country, Colombia, during 2022 we carry out one of the most important academic programs in surgery in Latin America, and as well as me, this program has allowed the growth of many other students.

Today I am an active member and leader of this group, it has allowed me to grow professionally, develop skills and meet other professionals that have made me a better surgeon. Today I enjoy head and neck surgery and my favorite organ is the thyroid gland.

A phrase that has been very present in my professional development is “We are the result of the opportunities we take” A special mention to my mentors H Thorne Velez and Felipe Cabrera Vargas, who have made me a future surgeon.


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