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BJS Bookshelf: Surgical Anatomy and Technique. A Pocket Manual.

Authors: Recommendation and Article by Teresa Perra and Alberto Porcu Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Sassari, Sassari, Italy

Anatomical knowledge is an essential asset for every surgeon. This book is a useful and handy guide for every student, surgical resident, or young surgeon. It provides a brief anatomical description for each site, followed by the surgical technique. The Editor-in-chief of this book, Professor Skandalakis, shares his experience in the field of surgical anatomy and technique. The result is a book that explains everything in a simple language and is full of beautiful illustrations to explain relevant anatomical details and fundamental steps of surgical procedures. The latest edition has been updated to include robotic surgery techniques and to reflect recent advances in surgery with the relevant anatomy. It is well-written and every chapter is well-structured.

Why surgeons should read it:

This handbook is a very useful resource for surgeons in the early stages of their career or medical students with an interest in surgery. Every anatomical region is described. The main basic surgical interventions are explained. In the latest editions, new chapters have been added. Whether you need to perform a simple skin biopsy or a complex procedure such as a pancreatoduodenectomy, anatomical knowledge is critical. This book opens your mind and highlights key points of anatomy relevant to performing surgery. This is a book that you can quickly consult to review the anatomy of a particular site and the key steps of a surgical procedure. It allows you to relate the anatomy to the surgery. It is a pocket manual and an online version is available.

If you want to be a good surgeon, you must know anatomy. This book helps you to understand the most relevant anatomical details you should know in order to perform a surgical procedure. It also provides beautiful drawings to explain important steps of the main surgical procedures.

We recommend this book, because it can help you take the first step towards the world of surgical anatomy and technique. As Russell John Howard said, “The first attribute of a surgeon is an insatiable curiosity1.

Have a good read.


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