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BJS Academy SoMe Review for October 2022

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

On October 3rd, the link to the article “Postoperative Packing of Perianal Abscess Cavities (PPAC2): randomized clinical trial” was tweeted by @BJSurgery. The tweet can be seen here:

The paper can be read here (open access)

Some interesting debate followed the new #SurgicalPoll tweeted by Rebecca Grossman @rebgross on October 3rd: To pack or not to pack abscess cavities? That was the question after the publication of the PPAC2 randomized clinical trial in @BJSurgery. And the winner was…

The tweet can be seen here:

The paper can read here (open access)

On October 12th, the nomination window for the BJS Award opened:

It has been considered the biggest prize in the modern history of surgery. Whom would you nominate? The nomination window closes on November 30th!

On Oct 16th, @BJOpen posted a poll on Twitter: Do you listen to music when operating? We would like to hear your opinion. The tweed and the results can be seen here:

On October 21st, New ASMBS/IFSO Guidelines – 2022 were published, expanding patient eligibility for weight-loss surgery.

The BJS Foundation and its strategic partners shared the sad news of the passing of Kees Dejong on Oct 21st.   The tweet by the Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Quirúrgicas be seen here:

@ProfW_edinsurg tweet can be seen here:

Are eight weeks enough? On Oct 24th @BJSOpen shared the link to an open-access paper reporting a single-center randomized clinical trial of surgery for T3/4 N+ #rectalcancer before or after eight weeks of chemoradiotherapy. Are you interested in the results? The tweet can be seen here:

The manuscript can be read here

It seems that #bariatricsurgery may decrease the risk of non-hormonal cancer, as was posted on @BJSurgery on October 26th:

The paper can be seen here

Why and when did you decide surgery was for you? @JJEarnshaw tweeted about the new @BJSAcademy “Medical Student and Young Trainee essay writing competition” and the outstanding piece by @Dami_Jesuyajolu on Oct 27th The tweet can be seen here:

The post can be read here

Managing colorectal anastomotic leaks is quite a challenge. The link to an expert consensus paper on endoluminal vacuum therapy for colorectal anastomotic leaks was shared by @BJSOpen on Oct 27th. The tweet can be seen here:

The paper can be read here (open access)

“Be a doctor, as well as a surgeon,” Michael G. Sarr, a world-renowned surgical leader, wrote in his “Surgical Life” post on @BJSAcademy. It was tweeted on Oct 31st.  The tweet is here:

The post can be read here


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