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BJS Academy SoMe review for November 2023

Authors: Hernando Thorne Velez @NandoenriqueTV, Ana Parra @anaparram2, Isaac Mendoza @Isaacmenm, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, engagement and reach are pivotal metrics that signify the impact of online content. @BJSurgery, @BJSOpen, and @BJSAcademy have made significant strides on X, fostering a community engaged in the latest surgical research and academic discussions. Below, we celebrate the top tweets from these handles that have garnered the highest impressions by December 9 2023, serving as a testament to their influence and relevance in the surgical and academic X community.

These are the Top 20 posts on X:

1. Leading the chart with a stunning 69K impressions, @BJSurgery’s tweet on 26th November has captivated the platform:

2. Not far behind, a tweet from @BJSurgery dated 5th November has secured 43K impressions:

3. Matching the second spot, another @BJSurgery tweet from 29th November also stands at 43K impressions:

4. @BJSOpen joins the list with a 20K impression tweet on 26th November:

5. @BJSurgery’s insightful post on 8th November has attracted 18K impressions:

The engagement continues with:

6. With 12.6K impressions for @BJSurgery:

7. With 11.4K impressions also for @BJSurgery:

8. With 11.2K impressions by @BJSurgery:

9. With 11.1K impressions from @BJSurgery:

10. @BJSOpen with 10.3K impressions:

11. @BJSOpen again with 9.6K impressions:

12. And another for @BJSOpen matching the previous at 9.6K:

13. @BJSurgery’s tweet earned 9.5K impressions:

14. @BJSurgery again with 9.3K impressions:

15. Same as above, 9.3K impressions for @BJSurgery:

16. @BJSOpen’s engaging content with 8.5K impressions:

17. @BJSOpen with a noteworthy 8.2K impressions:

18. Again, @BJSOpen captures attention with 7.3K impressions:

19. @BJSurgery’s engaging tweet also stands at 7.3K impressions:

20. Rounding up the list, @BJSOpen with a solid 7.2K impressions:

And our favourite posts is:


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