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BJS Academy SoMe Review for November 2022

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

November 2022 was a special month for the BJS community. 

The BJS Foundation Council winter meeting was again held in London on November 1t6th. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the new Council members and to learn how the editorial teams are reimagining the future of surgical publishing. In addition, the BJS Award nomination deadline was November 30th. 

On social media, we would like to highlight the following tweets and post: 

On November 1st, Rebecca Grossman @rebgross tweeted a short report published in @BJSurgery: “Paediatric #appendicitis: international study of management in the #COVID-19 pandemic”. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here

Almost simultaneously, @BJSAcademy announced that the final part of “How to write a clinical paper” titled “Completion and submission” by @des_winter, @BJSurgery Editor-in-Chief, is available as a free video. The tweet can be seen here:

The link to the video is here

On the same day, Irene Bello @Dra_Belloirene commented a @BJSurgery tweet sharing a leading article on frailty and surgery. Dr. Bello stated that “Frailty shouldn’t be a contraindication for cancer surgery, it should be an indication to increase ERAS protocol”. The tweet can be seen here:

The @BJSurgery leading article can be read here

One day after, an open access article on postoperative delirium after elective orthopedic surgery was tweeted by @BJSurgery. The tweet can be seen here:

The article can be read here

An educational platform needs a bookshelf, and the @BJSAcademy has got a big one. @GianlucaPellino reviewed “War doctor. Surgery on the front line” and it was tweeted on November 3rd. The tweet can be seen here:

The review can be read on @BJSAcademy here

In addition to a bookshelf, @BJSAcademy proudly runs a Surgical Science blog. On November 7th, the link to a post by @gmboland and @dedeilia on personalized neoadjuvant immunotherapy for stage III malignant melanoma was tweeted. The tweet is here:

The post can be read here

Innovation is using knowledge to generate value. Is robotic cholecystectomy an IDEAL surgical innovation? A systematic review was tweeted by @BJSOpen on November 7th. The tweet is here:

The manuscript can be read here

On November 12th @BJSurgery tweeted the link to an open access article from Sweden: major surgical postoperative complications and survival after breast surgery. The tweet is here:

The article can be read here

Shall we continue stenting left-sided obstructed colon cancer? On November 22nd, @BJSurgery shared the link to the paper reporting the results of the CREST randomized trial. The tweet is here:

The article can be accessed here

On November 23rd, Ernesto Sparrelid @Sparrelid tweeted their comprehensive review on posthepatectomy liver failure published in @BJSOpen. Tweet:

Read the paper here

Nov 28th @BjsOpen: High hospital volume is associated with improved outcomes in locally advanced colon cancer. Should complex procedures be centralized? You can see the tweet here:

The article reporting the results of a nationwide analysis can be read here

Nov 29th @BjsOpen: How to recruit patients for RCT in the emergency setting? patients’ and clinicians’ perspective:

Results of the #LaCeS trial at

On Nov 30th @BJSOpen tweeted a systematic review that answers a relevant question for HPB surgeons: How to maximise functional liver remnant ahead of #hepatectomy – Portal vein or dual vein embolisation? The tweet can be seen here:

The article is available here

On the same day, a short video reporting the results of a meta-analysis clinical and oncological outcomes after  laparoscopic vs open colectomy for locally advanced T4 colonic cancer was posted on the BJS YouTube channel. You can see the video here:

The article was published in March 2022 and it can be read here

On the last day of November 2022 we were reminded by Giovanni Marchegiani @Gio_Marchegiani that an era is coming to an end. No more paper copies of @BJSurgery. The tweet and the results of the Twitter poll can be seen here:


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