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BJS Academy SoMe Review for May 2023

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

This is a selection of tweets posted by @BJSurgery @BJSOpen and @BJSAcademy between May 1st and May 30th 2023. We hope you enjoy them and would like to read your comments.

On May 1st, @BJSAcademy tweeted an important announcement: the new BJS Institute online #postgrad programme – Surgical Writing and Evidence-Based Practice.

You can find further information here.

On the same day, @BJSAcademy posted the article of the month for April: Basic Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by @tejedorpat. It is part of the @BJSAcademy #AI series:

The article can be read here.

One day later, May 2nd, @BjsOpen tweeted: “#RCT from China with n=96 shows that single ivof 1.5mg/kg lignocaine 10min b.f. tourniquet inflation in arthroscopic surgery inhibits tourniquet hypertension by TNF-α release & has beneficial effects on postop pain and recovery!”

The paper can be read here.

Coinciding with #EuroHernia2023, @BjsOpen quoted a tweet: “Our editor assistant, hernia enthusiast and collagen nerd @DrHenriksen talking about state of the art #hernia surgery at @BarcelonaEhs!!! #SoMe4Surgery @eurohernias @BJSAcademy @young_bjs:

The interview with Donald E. Low was tweeted by @BJSAcademy on May 5th: “Have the right partner at home and have the right partners at work.”

The interview can be read here.

On the same day, @BJSurgery shared a free access paper: Early-onset sporadic colorectal cancer: key question of early diagnosis and screening strategies:

The paper can be read here.

Two days later, May 7th, @BJSurgery tweeted a very interesting paper on machine learning-based prediction models in the perioperative setting:

The paper can be read here.

On May 9th, @BJSAcacemy announced that the second article in the AI series was available. The authors are @irene_spiridon and @DocSeeliger and the paper is about the optimisation of surgical pathology and the potential role of AI:

The paper can be read here.

@BjsOpen tweeted a must-read review about hereditary colorectal, gastric and pancreatic cancer on May 11th:

The manuscript can be read here.

On May 13th, an open access paper titled “Timing of symptomatic venous thromboembolism after surgery: meta-analysis” was shared by @BJSurgery:

The paper can be read here.

Four days later, on May 17th, @BJSurgery shared two important papers:

A #RCT investigating prophylactic onlay mesh placement techniques for optimal abdominal wall closure in an ex vivo biomechanical model:

The paper can be read here.

An #OpenAccess paper titled “Surgical Outcome Risk Tool to predict 30-day postop mortality in a mixed surgical population in Swedish tertiary hospitals”:

The paper can be read here.

On the same day, @BjsOpen shared a paper reviewing the current state of fluorescence-guided surgery by @BJSurgery editor @paulo_sutt et al.

The paper can be read here.

On May 18th, @BjsOpen added more fuel to the “volume debate” in colorectalsurgery with these questions: What’s the correlation of surgical specialization and surgeon resection volume on short-term outcome after emergent colon cancer resections? Differences between colorectal, general and acute care surgeons? 

The paper can be seen here.

@BJSurgery congratulated Candice Downey on winning the BJS Prize at the ASGBI Surgical Congress in Harrogate, UK! #ASGBI2023 on May 19th:

An interesting poll was tweeted by @BjsOpen on May 21st: Leftsided colorectal leading to bowel obstruction -> What type of stoma you prefer as to surgery?

The results can be seen here:

On May 22nd, @BJSurgery shared another “Free to access” paper in the BJS May issue: Practice of changing gloves and its effect on surgical-site infections.

The paper can be read here.

A tweet to thank all the speakers and participants who contributed to the @BJSAcademy workshop – “how to referee a paper” was posted on May 27th:

The last tweet of the month was posted on May 30th by @BJSurgery and shared the manuscript titled: “Clinical outcomes following mechanochemical ablation of superficial venous incompetence compared with endothermal ablation”:

The paper can be read here.


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