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BJS Academy SoMe Review for May 2022

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat,  Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

May 2022 was a special month for the BJS Community. On May 3rd, the BJS Academy was launched and it was announced with a tweet that attracted a lot of attention, with 57 likes and 44 retweets.

The @BJSAcademy “is an online education resource that supports the professional development of current and future surgeons worldwide by championing research and collaboration”. The website has free content and it is accessible at the link

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BJS Academy leverages social media to disseminate knowledge worldwide. Self-promotion is not always bad, and we tweeted about the @BJSAcademy social media section on May 3rd.

One day later, the BJS European Hernia Society Prize was announced. The EHS 2022 Congress will be held in Manchester, with 2 prizes €3500 and €1500 for the winners. It can be seen here.

@Eurohernias is a strategic partner of BJS Society.

On the same day, the BJS Open presented the outcomes of 263 mucinous rectal cancer from our Sweden colleagues, showing a high percentage of downstaging and pCR. It can be read here:

The tweet had 10 likes and 5 retweets by May 31st.

The @Schoolofsurg also announced on May 4th the winner of the BJS Prize session at the ASGBI conference, which took place in Liverpool. An interesting study aiming to improve muscle function after colorectal surgery.

The tweet can be seen here:

It had 19 likes and 4 retweets by June 1st.

The @Schoolofsurg is a UK based account focused on surgical training, with podcasts and videos available here

@SEIQuirurgica is a Spanish scientific organization devoted to promoting surgical research and innovation. It is one of the BJS Society’s strategic partners. Their website can be accessed here:

On May 8th, @juliomayol announced on Twitter that the 26th #SEIQ2022 conference will be held in Gijón, Spain, in September 2022. The best oral communications will compete for the BJS Prize. Abstracts can be submitted here:

The tweet had 21 likes and 14 retweets.

In the May 2022 issue, the debate about acute appendicitis treatment and the related risks continues in @BJSurgery  

The article can be accessed for free here:

The tweet had 15 likes and 14 retweets by May 31st.

On May 14th, Prof. @SWexner cited a @BJSurgery publication from 2012, on the benefits of cutting diathermy for skin incisions.

The tweet had received 29 retweets, 89 likes and on 12 quote tweets by May 31st. It can be seen here

The tweet led to an interesting debate – click the link to read it:

On May 17th, the @BjsOpen wondered how does distance and rurality affect outcomes in #emergency #surgery. The tweet had 11 likes and 10 retweets. See their explicative video here:

The controversy around the correlation between MRI and pathological tumour regression in #rectalcancer is back at @BjsOpen on May 19th.

The article can be accessed here:

The tweet had received 4 retweets and 7 likes by May 31st.

More than 25 years of #FastTrackSurgery, published at @BJSAcademy by the @ErasSociety, tweeted on May 27th.

The review is available here:

The tweet had 16 likes and 11 retweets by May 31st.

In the May issue of @BJSurgery, a RCT on the use of prophylactic antibiotics in lower limb amputation was released and tweeted on May 28th.

The article can be accessed here

The tweet had 10 likes and 9 retweets by May 31st.


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