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BJS Academy SoMe Review for March 2022

Authors: Julio Mayol @juliomayol and Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod

This is our social media review for March 2022. Many interesting things related to the BJS community were shared on social media, but all of them occurred on Twitter.

March 2022 started with a “Yes, but” tweet by Derek O’Reilly (@DerekAOReilly) citing Kjetil Soreide’s (@ksoreide) open-access Needle Point on the use of perioperative chemotherapy for resectable colorectal liver metastasis. He was surprised that “post-chemo liver toxicity” wasn’t cited by Soreide as an argument against it.

You can read Kjetil Soreide’s Needle Point here

Altmetric on April 17th 2022: 35

On the same date, @BJSurgery posted a high-impact tweet (11 retweets, 22 likes, accessed on April 17th 2022) sharing a paper on the contemporary inguinal hernia management by Stina Öberg and Jacob Rosenberg published in March’s issue. Inguinal hernia repair never goes out of fashion and the authors recommend “Mesh repairs, as opposed to sutured repairs, are generally recommended as they have lower recurrence rates without an increased risk of chronic pain”

Pancreatic surgery always attracts a lot of attention on Twitter. On March 2nd, @BJSurgery tweeted an open-access short report on pancreatoduodenectomy by James M Halle-Smith and colleagues. The tweet had 12 retweets and 14 likes.

Educational opportunities in Europe and UK for global surgery are scarce. Mapping centres and programmes is very relevant because safe, timely and affordable surgical care is a global unmet need. That is why @BJSOpen tweeted a research letter on this topic by Lotta Velin and colleagues (@DVervoort94)

Click here to read the paper

Altmetric on April 17th 2022: 15

Pelvic lateral node dissection continues to be the subject of much debate. On March 14th, @BJSOpen tweeted about a very large retrospective study from Japan. The authors propose a modified nodal system to account for the significance of lateral node metastasis.

The articles can be accessed if you click here

On March 18th 2022, @BJSOpen tweeted a @DrJamesGlasbwy’s video discussing the publication he co-authored with Rachel Moore: Global Emergency Surgery Guidelines. This is an important paper because it reports a process to create evidence-based global guidelines for emergency global surgery suitable for resource limited environments around the world. It was an impactful tweet that received 13 retweets, 2 quote tweets, and 23 likes.

You can access the paper here

Almetric on April 17th 2022: 31

On the last day of the month, @BJSurgery retweeted a @BJSAcademy tweet announcing the new educational platform. The original tweet had a quite significant impact with 38 retweets, 13 quotes, and 60 likes.

To summarize @BJSurgery and @BJSOpen activity on Twitter on March 2022, we will share with you the five most retweeted and more liked (favourited) tweets for each journal based on Twitonomy analytics.

Most retweeted @bjsurgery

Most favourited (liked) @bjsurgery


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