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BJS Academy SoMe Review for July 2023

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

Welcome to the July 2023 edition of the @BJSAcademy social media review!

Here, we spotlight captivating and popular posts from the BJS community accounts on X.

Continuing the #AI series on @BJSAcademy, the article “The role of artificial intelligence in diagnostic imaging” authored by Barbara Seeliger, Alexandros Karargyris, and Didier Mutter was shared on July 1st on X. This post garnered 2,204 views by Aug 14th:

Read the article here.

On July 2nd, @BJSOpen initiated a poll on X, seeking readers’ opinions on recently published impact factors, given the consistent drop in numbers. Results showed that most respondents (39.7% out of 68 votes) found the outcome as expected. Interestingly, 35.3% opined that the impact factor is overrated. By Aug 14th, the post accumulated 5,589 views:

In part 6 of the @BJSAcademy series, the article “Opportunities, functions and three wise monkeys” by Ameera AlHasan was shared on July 4th on X:

Read the article here.

On the same day, @BJSOpen posted an #openaccess article link, reporting results from a retrospective cohort study on the effects of preoperative polypharmacy or hyper-polypharmacy on surgical patient outcomes:

Read the article here.

@BJSOpen shared the paper “What’s the influence of #obesity on perioperative outcomes after gastrointestinal #surgery?” on July 11th. Surprisingly, this meta-analysis challenges assumptions about higher postoperative mortality in patients with obesity:

Read the article here.

On July 12th, @BJSurgery posted the Cutting Edge review on gut microbiota, faecal transplantation, and surgical outcomes. The post garnered 3,671 views:

Read the paper here.

Exploring the theme of efficient resource utilization and environmental sustainability, on July 13th, @BJSOpen shared the #openaccess article titled “Waste not, want not: orthopaedic waste data,” which amassed 1571 views by Aug 14th:

Read the article here.

On July 14th, @BJSurgery linked to the #openaccess article “Multisocietal European consensus on the terminology, diagnosis, and management of patients with synchronous colorectal cancer and liver metastases.”:

Read the article here.

The review of recent #RandomizedClinicalTrials for June was shared on X on July 19th:

Read the article here.

On July 22nd, @BJSOpen quoted a previous X post on gene signature analysis and outcome prediction in patients with early pancreatic cancer who underwent R0 resection:

Read the article here.

Interventional oncology for liver tumours was spotlighted on July 24th by @BJSAcademy in a surgical digest titled “Image-guided ablation for liver tumours.” The post garnered 3286 views by Aug 14th:

Read the article here.

Finally, on July 30th, @BJOpen posted the most-viewed post of the month on X (22.7K views). The poll questioned when surgeons perform prophylactic mesh augmentation after laparotomy, with 65.3% of 147 votes leaning towards “Never!”:


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