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BJS Academy SoMe Review for January 2023

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

For the first time since 1913, @BJSurgery was not printed in January 2023. Now, it will only be published online. The two journals, BJS and BJS Open, together with the BJS Academy, are leading the digital transformation of surgical research dissemination. Many changes will be announced soon, but in the meantime, let’s focus on the excellent articles shared on social media.

The first tweet of the year from @BJSurgery was on pancreatic cancer!

The article can be accessed here.

An interesting article regarding #QoL in patients with colostomies after #rectalcancer was published on @BjsOpen on January 3rd:

The paper can be found here.

#BariatricSurgery is still a matter of debate. Long-term effects of BS are discussed in this new paper @BJSurgery. The tweet was published on January 6th:

The paper can be read here.

Artificial Intelligence #AI is beginning to play an increasingly real role in our daily lives! Can we even co-author articles with GPT3?

The ERAS recommendations for renal transplantation were tweeted by @BJSurgery on January 16th:

The article can be read here.

A highly engaging tweet by @BJSurgery shared the “Updated guideline for closure of abdominal wall incisions from the European and American Hernia Societies” on January 20th.

The article can be read here (Open Access).

A systematic review of PIPAC following the IDEAL framework was shared on Twitter by @BJSurgery on January 26th:

You can read the article here (Open Access).

On January 29th, @BJSAcademy shared  Professor Derek Alderson’s post “Life in Surgery”. Prof. Alderson is Vice Chair of the BJS Foundation Executive Committee:

You can read the post here.

On January 30th, @BJSOpen tweeted: “How does #digital #consent impact informed consent?”  A #systematicreview of 40 papers found a generally positive effect on early and delayed comprehension. Few studies cover all aspects of informed consent:

You can read the paper here.

On the same day, @BJSAcademy shared a post under the title “A surgical life” by Adesoji Ademyuiwa:

You can read the post here.


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