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BJS Academy SoMe Review for February 2023

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

February was only 28 days, but it was a particularly busy month for @BJSurgery, @BJSOpen and @BJSAcademy on social media.

The opening @BJSurgery tweet of the month was about surgical knives:

On February 2nd, @BJSurgery shared an article on oncovascular surgery for  advanced pelvic malignancy, published in the February issue:

The article can be accessed here

@BJSurgery tweeted an article reporting the results of transanal vs. laparoscopic TME on February 4th:

The article can be read here

Caffeine and postop ileus after lap colorectal surgery: yes or no? Marcel André Schneider @MA_Schneider shared a @BJSurgery article reporting the results of a RCT:

The article can be read here

On February 6th, Jonathan Earnshaw @JJEarnshaw invited the surgical community on Twitter to join the @BJSAcademy:

On February 11th, Prof. Jose Balibrea @BalibreaJose tweeted a comment in Spanish about a  @BJSOpen #researchletter on gastroparesis and bezoar formation in patients with GLP-1 antagonists and the potential implications of MBS patients:

The paper can be read here

How to manage general surgical emergencies in pregnant and breastfeeding woman? @BJSurgery recently published the international guidelines and they were shared by @drnaumanAhmed on Twitter on February 13th:

The article can be read here

Gianluca Pellino @GianlucaPellino shared his interest in an overview about #diverticulardisease  in @BJSAcademy:

@BJSAcademy shared a #CuttingEdge blog video by Alan Batt regarding a paper on CONFERD-HP on February 23rd:

The video can be viewed here

@BJSOpen tweeted the results of a poll for endocrine surgeons with the following question “What is the most important consideration when choosing your skin closure after thyroid/parathyroid surgery?” on February 26th:

On February 27th, Prof. Russell Petty @RussellPetty19 tweeted a summary of a @BJSurgery paper on the impact of Covid19 on gastroesophageal cancer patients:

The article can be read here


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