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BJS Academy SoMe Review for December 2022

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

Social media brought our attention to excellent content during the last month of 2022. Here is our review.

Let’s start with @BJSAcademy that on December 1st tweeted a new Surgical Science Post titled “Creeping fat” by Alison Kim and Lilias H. Maguire:

The paper can be read here ://

On the same day @BJSOpen shared a paper on the impact of renal failure on emergency general surgery outcomes:

The paper can be read here

And also on December 1st, @BJSurgery tweeted an #openacces paper published in the December 2022 issue on the impact of tranexamic acid on surgical bleeding during general surgery procedures:

The paper can be read here

“Textbook outcomes” is a hot topic and both @BJSurgery and @BJSOpen tweeted about it on December 4th. @BJSurgery shared an #openaccess paper titled “A call for patient-centred textbook outcomes for emergency surgery and trauma”:

The article can be read here

@BJSOpen tweeted  the following poll: “What outcomes would/should feature in a “textbook” outcomes for #HPB #surgery? Survival was the most voted option:

The Essay Competition “The day I decided surgery was for me” deadline closed on December 31st and @BJSAcademy did not miss the chance of reminding us on Twitter on December 5th:

On December 8th @BJSOpen shared a systematic review including 30 papers  on #HPBSurgery textbook outcomes:

The paper can be read here

@BJSAcademy tweeted another #Bookshelf review. On this occasion, “One more ride on the merry-go-round” is reviewed by Gianluca Pellino:

The post can be read here

What are the minimum standards of pelvic exanterative procedures? @BJSurgery tweeted about it the Pelvex Collaborative Guideline on December 12th:

The article can be seen here

In December, a new author video was posted on the BJS YouTube Channel. @BJSurgery tweeted it on Dec 12th: CONFERD-HP: recommendations for reporting COmpeteNcy FramEwoRk Development:

The paper can be read here

From December 17th to December 19th, @BJSAcademy announced the #MyNightonCall series winning submissions: 

In third place,  “My night on call…surgery saves lives” by @SaraSaeidi92:

The post can be read here

In second place,  “My night on call…fight or flight” by @MoAbouelazayem:

The post can be read here

In first place, “A night on call…that changed my lift” by @Becsjlittle:

The post can be read here

There is an opportunity for prevention of early-onset colorectal cancer. @BJSurgery tweeted about it on December 19th:

The paper can be accessed here

On December 21st, @BJSurgery announced with a tweet that the journal will be online only starting January 2023. Things have greatly changed since the publication of the first issue in 1913:

A high-impact tweet “Surgical knives: the scalper” was posted by @BJSurgery on December 24th:

The paper can be read here

On December 28th, @BJSurgery tweeted an #openaccess paper titled “ Prognostic role of preoperative circulating systemic inflammatory response markers in primary breast cancer: meta-analysis”:

The article can be read here

And the last tweet of 2022 was shared by @BJSurgery on December 30th: Ultrasound-assisted carbon nanoparticle suspension mapping vs dual tracer-guided sentinel lymph node biopsy:

The article can be accessed here


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