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BJS Academy SoMe review for August 2023

Authors: Ana Parra @anaparram2, Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

Measuring the impact of social media engagement is a nuanced task, with an array of metrics in play. Among these metrics, impressions stand out as a valuable surrogate indicator. Impressions quantify the total number of times a post appears on a user’s screen, offering insights into content’s potential reach and visibility.

Spotlight on the Top Twenty Posts

To illuminate the most influential posts from @BJSurgery, @BJSOpen, and @BJSAcademy, we’ve meticulously curated the top twenty posts from their August activity. Our selection criteria zero in on posts that achieved the highest number of impressions* on August 8th, as meticulously monitored and documented by X analytics for each individual post.

Without further ado, let’s embark on the BJS Top Twenty countdown:

Number 20 – 9019 impressions

On Aug 10, @BJSurgery “Leading article” on oesophageal anastomotic leaks:

Number 19 – 9228 impressions

A @BJSSurgery post sharing a “Gloves off” debate on oesophagectomy on Aug 16:

Number 18 – 9497 impressions

@BJSAcademy announced the “How to write a paper” course and that the “How to review a paper” is coming soon on Aug 19:

Number 17 – 9516 impressions

On Aug 16, @YoungBJS article posted by @BJSurgery about splenic injury from blunt trauma:

Number 16 – 9635 impressions

Six days later, Aug 22, @BJSAcademy shared a podcast and article on how to write a plain English abstract:

Number 15 – 9777 impressions

Early in the month, Aug 4, @BJSurgery posted a paper on timing for rectal surgery after short-course radiotherapy:

Number 14 – 10.2K impressions

A paper reporting the results of a network meta-analysis of RCTs comparing bariatric surgery and glucose-lowering agents for type 2 diabetes and obesity, shared by @BJSOpen on Aug 14:

Number 13 – 10.6K impressions

On Aug 28, @BJSOpen posted the most recent systematic review on quality of life after severe acute pancreatitis:

Number 12 – 11.1K impressions

A retrospective analysis of the surgical treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma posted by @BJSOpen for days earlier that Number 13:

Number 11 – 11.2K impressions

@BJSurgery congratulated Aneel Banghu on X on Aug 29 for his Guinness World Record certificate for the article with the most authors, 1525:

Number 10 – 12.3K impressions

@BJSurgery presented “The instrumentalist” post on scissors on Aug 11:

Number 9 – 12.5K impressions

On Aug 15, @BJSOpen shared a paper reporting a comprehensive assessment of the management of acute cholecystitis in Scotland:

Number 8 – 12.9K impressions

@BJSurgery posted an editorial on AI and scientific writing on Aug 9, which was authored by @DesWinter and @AbeLaparoscopy:

Number 7 – 13.2K impressions

On Aug 13, @BJSOpen conducted a poll about bariatric surgery, drugs, and HbA1c reduction. You invite you to check the results:

Number 6 – 14.3K impressions

@BJSOpen shared an #openaccess paper on the implementation of a quadruple intraoperative anastomotic assessment (4-Check) during transanal TME for rectal cancer on Aug 8:

Number 5 – 14.3K impressions

On Aug 11, @BJSurgery posted a “short report” on the oncological outcomes of pancreatectomy with arterial resection:

Number 4 – 14.3K impressions

@BJSOpen posted an #openaccess paper on the outcome of oncologic patients who received perioperative allogeneic blood transfusions on Aug 21, citing the Number 2 post:

Number 3 – 15.4K impressions

On Aug 27, a popular @BJSOpen poll was posted. It was about factors that decrease the quality of life of patients with severe acute pancreatitis:

Number 2 – 17.5K impressions

Another @BJSOpen poll posted on Aug 20 and related to the influence of perioperative allogeneic blood transfusions on long-term outcomes following surgery for gastric and colorectal cancer:

Finally, the Number 1 BJS Top Twenty post on X with 25K impressions is from @BJSOpen on Aug 19: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of RCTs that determined the optimal preoperative bowel preparation strategy in elective colorectal surgery:

*In cases where two posts shared an identical number of impressions, we prioritized the more recent post as having a higher impression count.


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