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BJS Academy SoMe Review for August 2022

Authors: Patricia Tejedor @tejedorpat, Anna Curell @annacurell, Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez @rosamjimenezrod, Julio Mayol @juliomayol

The first @BJSurgery tweet of the month (August 1st) was about a paper on pain in people with intermittent claudication. A network meta-analysis showed that “There is strong evidence in support of use of structured high-pain exercise, and some evidence in support of structured low-pain exercise, to improve walking ability in people with IC compared with usual-care control”. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here

On August 2nd, @BJSurgery tweeted the link to a very interesting narrative review on organ preservation in rectal cancer management. This is a hot topic, as shown by 39 likes, 21 retweets and 2 quote tweets by Sept 6th. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here

Ron Barbosa @rbarbosa91 announced the @BJSurgery series “The instrumentalist” on Twitter on August 6th. His first entry was “Scalpel handles and blades”. Surgeons are deeply fond of surgical instruments, and Ron’s tweet has been highly engaging with 832 likes,13 quote tweets, and 152 by Sept 6th 2022. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here (open access):

On August 11th, @BJSAcademy tweeted about the free videos available on its website, and particularly about Martyn Evan’s @evanscolorectal “How to write a clinical paper” The tweet has had 40 retweets, 5 quote tweets and 60 likes by Aug 7th, and it is here:

Part I video can be accessed here

Understanding how competent surgeons get their skills is not easy. On August 13th @BJSOpen tweeted the link to a paper by Kjetil Soreide and Benedicte Skjold-Ødegaard, who used an innovative approach to analyze surgical trainees’ skill acquisition during real-life lap appendectomies.  The tweet can be seen here:

The paper can be read here (open access):

The availability of kidney grafts for transplantation is limited. Living kidney donation is an excellent option, but it is not risk-free for donors who are otherwise healthy. On August 22nd, @BJSurgery shared a meta-analysis carried out to identify risk factors for living kidney donors. The study found that obesity and male sex are associated with poorer outcomes.  The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here (open access)

It is not unusual to come across a difficult situation in the operating theater while performing a surgical procedure. Should I fix it by myself or ask for help? On August 24th, @BJSAcademy tweeted a new chapter of #ASurgicalLife by Takeshi Sano MD PhD,  who reminds us “to never hesitate to call other people and ask for help instead of trying to solve a problem alone”. The tweet is here:

The post can be read here

Timing matters in surgery. What’s the optimal time to do an appendectomy after hospital admission? On August 28th, @SurgJournal shared a study on the association between time from admission to appendectomy on perioperative outcomes to determine the optimal time-to-surgery window. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here

How do multidisciplinary tumor boards (MDTs) work? They are frequently challenged by administrative and process issues, as reported in a paper published in @BJSOpen. The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here (open access)

There is no monthly surgical #some review without a paper on drains. This time it was about the HPB surgeons’ dilemma”. On the last day of the month, @BJSurgery tweeted a propensity score-matched study showing that if a pancreatic resection is complex (multivisceral resections and those that took longer), surgeons are reluctant to omit drainage.  The tweet is here:

The paper can be read here:


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